Say what you mean and mean what you say

Horses are exceptional listeners. We are often asked what language the horses understand which reiterates our human desire to be able to communicate effectively and to be understood.

Because horses are prey animals and make use of all their 6 senses for survival, although they have been domesticated for centuries, they remain in tune with their instinctive behaviours and survival techniques. They are able to constantly assess their environment, and that includes us, when we enter into their herd.

So often we, as humans, say one thing but feel another. And sometimes we’re not even aware of it! The horses aren’t fooled that easily and will show the incongruency in their behaviour. Examples of such behaviour have been; what could be perceived to be disobedience in not carrying out the instruction correctly, refusal to move and sometimes they would walk off completely, just to name a few.

Each person’s experience is unique, but the horses can definitely show us what we say and what we really mean, are not always on the same page. But it always presents an opportunity to grow and improve.