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My blind fold moment of truth

While undergoing our training, we partake as volunteers or clients in order to gain practical knowledge and experience. During one of these practical lessons, we were a group of 5 students and were each given a restriction, which we could choose from a pile of props on the ground.

There were balls (to be held in each hand so as not to use your hands). A rope attached to each foot and hand so that you walked like a puppet. A blindfold. A rope to tie your hands behind your back and a cover for your mouth so that you may not speak.

We eagerly grabbed a restriction we were comfortable with and I ended up with the blindfold. I was not concerned since I had faith in my team mates and felt comfortable that they would direct and protect me. Not to mention we are taught very strictly to always put safety of horse and client first. Hence the therapy team consists of 2 qualified persons and safe horses.

The instruction was to, as a group, groom a horse. Needless to say, the group dynamics played out beautifully with the leaders taking leadership and the followers, following. We each had our own unique experience of the instruction and restriction but what stood out for me was my high level of responsibility while in the arena. Coming from a family where I am the only horse nut, I have always felt they were ‘my thing’ and therefore ‘my responsibility’. For the horses as well as those that came into contact with them.

When we processed the session in the classroom after, it was clear to me just how responsible I was for other’s happiness and safety. Not just in the arena, or around horses, but in my life. And how liberating and terrifying it was when I was blind folded and could not have an influence on others and their safety.

This left me with a lot to process, but without that activity, I would never have realized the impact of that trait, the impact on my life and those around me. I left feeling I had more insight to how I go about life and what I want to change, and what not.

Needless to say, we were all safe and more knowledgeable after the encounter.

The horses are powerful metaphors for life and our unique circumstances. It is impossible to encounter these animals and not be affected.

Say what you mean and mean what you say

Horses are exceptional listeners. We are often asked what language the horses understand which reiterates our human desire to be able to communicate effectively and to be understood.

Because horses are prey animals and make use of all their 6 senses for survival, although they have been domesticated for centuries, they remain in tune with their instinctive behaviours and survival techniques. They are able to constantly assess their environment, and that includes us, when we enter into their herd.

So often we, as humans, say one thing but feel another. And sometimes we’re not even aware of it! The horses aren’t fooled that easily and will show the incongruency in their behaviour. Examples of such behaviour have been; what could be perceived to be disobedience in not carrying out the instruction correctly, refusal to move and sometimes they would walk off completely, just to name a few.

Each person’s experience is unique, but the horses can definitely show us what we say and what we really mean, are not always on the same page. But it always presents an opportunity to grow and improve.

Bring vreugde aan bejaardes by Residentia Aftreeoord

Ons was bevoorreg om by die bejaardes van Residentia Aftreeoord in Bethlehem te gaan kuier. Klik op die link hieronder vir meer besonderhede.

Horse Powered Math

We are adapting what we have learnt with the Horse Powered Reading to other subjects. Here we are exploring Maths. Such a wonderful way to learn AND grow emotionally.20150820_152935_resized_1

Horse Powered Reading

We are proud to announce that we have completed our Horse Powered Reading course and can now offer an alternative to reading difficulties. We can work with children from the age of 3 to identify any possible future learning difficulties with reading. Exciting times!!!

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Bully Workshop

Is your child being bullied? Give them the tools to deal with conflict.
BULLYING – 2-3 hour Workshop
20 June 2015 – Kromkloof, Bethlehem
26 June 2015 – Elanzi Estate, Stormlaan, Bainsvlei

Workshops available in 2015!!

Medical Aid tariffs apply. Discount for cash customers.

Parenting – 3 hours

Communication for couples – 6 hours

Weight Loss – 5.5 hours

Dealing with Divorce – 5 hours

Please contact us for more information.

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