Explore what it is about a horse that touches the soul.

Winston Churchill once said "I've often said there's nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse." ... And so it was with me and my beloved Tanamara, in whose memory my business is named. Tanamara was the first horse we bred and she showed me how close a relationship I could have with a horse, which is what led me to pursue Natural Horsemanship and now to this place where I can share with others what I have found.



Horses are most effectively used in EAP/L as metaphors for life, attitudes and behaviours. EAP/L engages clients mentally, physically and emotionally all at the same time. No experience of horses is necessary.
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EAP/L is a metaphorical process, situations that might be taking place within the workplace or home are made apparent by the way the horses respond to the person or team’s strategy regarding the completion of the activities.
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Benefits of maximising fibre intake is becoming widely understood in equine nutrition. Fibre-Beet and Speedi-Beet are high fibre mixes that optimise the utilisation of forage in maintaining nutrition, behaviour and welfare of the horse.
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"I was lucky enough to be part of a team building session with Nicky and Helen. The experience was incredible. Not only were they highly professional but also made personal connections with all members. The day was full of fun...
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Bring vreugde aan bejaardes by Residentia Aftreeoord

Ons was bevoorreg om by die bejaardes van Residentia Aftreeoord in Bethlehem te gaan kuier. Klik op die link hieronder vir meer besonderhede.


Horse Powered Math

We are adapting what we have learnt with the Horse Powered Reading to other subjects. Here we are exploring Maths. Such a wonderful way to learn AND grow emotionally.20150820_152935_resized_1

Horse Powered Reading

We are proud to announce that we have completed our Horse Powered Reading course and can now offer an alternative to reading difficulties. We can work with children from the age of 3 to identify any possible future learning difficulties with reading. Exciting times!!!

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Bully Workshop

Is your child being bullied? Give them the tools to deal with conflict.
BULLYING – 2-3 hour Workshop
20 June 2015 – Kromkloof, Bethlehem
26 June 2015 – Elanzi Estate, Stormlaan, Bainsvlei

Workshops available in 2015!!

Medical Aid tariffs apply. Discount for cash customers.

Parenting – 3 hours

Communication for couples – 6 hours

Weight Loss – 5.5 hours

Dealing with Divorce – 5 hours

Please contact us for more information.

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Bonding – need I say more? :-)

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Team building special til end of Feb 2015

Special ad Nov 2015

Opening featured in Local Newspaper


Why Horses?

•  Horses are non-judgmental, honest friends.
Horses challenge people in a non-threatening manner.
•  Horses don’t see title or status, gender or race.
•  Horses provides for metaphorical learning.
•  Horses require people to engage in physical and mental participation with them.
Horses mirror human body language, personalities and circumstances.